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Myths and Facts

Homoeopathy is "Nothing", but Faith Healing?

The effect of homoeopathic medicines have been observed repeatedly and repeatedly on neonates, infants, unconscious patients, animals where faith healing is not possible. Hence, the misbelief that homoeopathy is placebo is nothing but prejudice.

Is Homeopathy slow acting and would the treatment last for years?

Not at all. Homeopathy is very fast acting, in fact, faster than conventional medicine. The only key is to find the correct remedy which is an art in itself and not so easy to practice. I remember, in my internship year, I was under a lot of stress and developed small severely painful ulcers in my mouth so even drinking water was difficult. My teacher Dr. Vijaykar gave me a remedy and within 20 minutes I was eating spicy Indian food! In acute cases cure is within minutes/days and chronic illnesses usually take from 6 months up to 1 year, depending on the complications and the susceptibility of the patient.

Can Homeopathy treat serious life threatening illnesses?

Yes, yes, and once again yes! Basically, we are not treating your disease but you! It is for the person in the disease and not for the disease in the person. We are helping you to cure
yourself. So whether you have a headache or multiple sclerosis, our mode of treatment remains the same. Every case is dealt with on an individual basis and there are no 'common' remedies for a particular pathology.

At the same time, I would like to make myself very clear: homeopathy can not prevent a specific disease and we do not have vaccinations as alternatives to conventional
immunization. If any homeopath is making such claims, he or she has not understood the science behind homeopathy.

Homeopathic Medicine

How safe is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic remedies effect your bodily as well as mental symptoms. It is holistic. A good Homeopath will be very selective in his prescription and how he handles his patient for the follow-up.

Overall it is a very safe mode of treatment without any side effects as long as it is practised in line with Homeopathy's cardinal principles. It is not advisable to read books on
Homeopathy and start practising it on your own. It is a specialised branch of medicine and official training and guidance is a must. 

Are there dietary restrictions while on the treatment?

Absolutely no dietary restrictions. You just need to follow the healthy and sensible ways of eating as you would do otherwise.

Can I continue with my allopathic (conventional) treatment whilst on Homeopathy?

It differs from case to case. For example, if I am treating you for diabetes, blood pressure, or asthma and I feel confident about the remedy in the light of the follow-up, I can work with you through your GP and gradually cut down those allopathic medicines.

My Approach

At the end of the day I want you off 'ALL' the medicines, even homeopathic!!

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