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I am experienced in treating acute, and chronic as well as illnesses of a serious character. After taking your case, I will be able to tell you exactly how long you will need to continue the treatment. It is certainly much faster than conventional medicine.

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My Story

In 1994, I completed 5-½ year of Homeopathic Medical School at Bombay University. It is as intense as any MD Prgramme in the world, so it typcally involves one year of internship in hospitals plus a lot of practicals with Homeopathic subjects. Since 1995 I have been running a successful practice in Mumbai and and since 2007 in London. In my homeopathic practise I have been practising and teaching the age old classical Hahnemannian homeopathy with of course guidance from the literature of the legends like Kent, Bönninghausen, Boger and Ortega.

Apart from practising Homeopathy, teaching Homeopathy is yet another passion of mine. I have successfully undertaken teaching projects with several homeopathic study group and institutes in Germany,USA and UK. Along with the Homeopathic degree I hold a diploma in Business German (Prüfung Wirtschafts Deutsch) from the Goethe institute and a Diploma in German translations & interpretation from Mainz University in Germany. This education helps me in polishing my administration and patient management skills as well teaching to German homeopaths.


I am always looking to solve chronic and complicated cases. The most difficult and incurable pathologies can be treated very effectively with homeopathy. Email me today:

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