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Consultation with me


All consultations are confidential, and homeopaths are bound by the Code of Ethics. The first appointment is usually approximately an hour long. You are encouraged to tell the complete history of your illness and your life and I will listen to every detail you narrate since it is extremely important for me to understand you as a person - the real you. So it is more in detail than seeing your regular GP.

Follow ups

Follow-ups normally last up to 15 to 20 minutes and are at intervals of 3 weeks depending on the nature of your complaints and the action of the remedy. This period allows time for you to respond to the prescription, and I will then evaluate your further progress. After initial 2/3 follow-ups, it is quite possible to talk to you on the fone and send the remedies by post. But you are more than welcome to see me in person at every follow-up.


Please contact me for the fees and the options to pay.

Thanks for submitting!

Please note that there will not be absolutely any refund of money if the treatment does not help you to your satisfaction.

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