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The Mathematics!

Human body works like a perfect machine with an automated gear system.

When a bacteria or virus attacks, our body defends with physiological changes (production of certain already present antibacterial agents secreted by it on the cell wall or producing free fluid in large quantity so that the bacteria or virus is washed off or die its own death by changing the biochemistry temporarily), as a result there is irritation, inflammation or oversensitivity. At the mental level one can see anxiety, apprehension, anger etc. Any discharge at this stage is a good sign (through nose/eyes/ears, excessive stools, urine, sweating). Body is trying to throw away the toxins.

When this fails or it has been suppressed by the conventional medicines there is a switch in the gears of defence. After the limits of reversible physiological changes are crossed, certain changes take place in the genes, which include irreversible changes in the morphology or the structure of the cell. Accumulations start taking place in cell wall or cytoplasm. Cell wall starts thickening by excess accumulation of lipids, proteins or glycogen simply to protect the cell from irritation; resulting into polyps, warts, cysts, tumours, atherosclerotic plaques, deposition of pigments and minerals. On the mental level there is accumulation of power, money, and egotism basically to create a facade to hide the internal weakness.

More about The mathematics!

When both these mechanisms fail or are supressed by the conventional medicines, the cell switches its gear of defence to defend or to save the whole organism by destroying a
part of it. This results into destructive pathologies like gangrene, necrosis, ulcers, and fractures. On the mental aspect it can be seen in extreme behaviour, something out of control.

Pathologies develop in such a systematic manner, there is an order even to the disorder! No disease is without a precursor or a follower. Most ailments are a result of an individual harbouring a tendency to a particular disease. No disease falls from the sky. It is mostly the result of a chain reaction. After the correct homeopathic remedy, thisstarts reversing. The remedy pushes the body to cure itself!

My Approach

Ideal of homeopathic cure

Any genuine homeopathic cure is rapid, gentle, permanent
and in exact reverse order of the appearance of the pathology. Patient feeling 'better' is
not cure. If you give him a cup of tea, he will feel better!! Once the remedy starts acting,
there are certain changes which must occur at the bodily and mental level

Parameters of Cure

Temering off, of tempers, reduction of fears and anxieties.

Normalizing of sleep( without bad dreams), appetite, stool)

Decrease in senstivity to rudeness, offences or any other exciting emotional

Restoral of original desires and passions

Increase in the tolerance to aggravating factors (e.g noise, sun, wind, cold food

Normalising of stamina and desire to work

Temering off, of tempers, reduction of fears and anxieties.

This is the beginning of the curative process.

Any changes which take place after this are very specific and differ from case to case. Eg, any arthritic pains would follow with acidity and then eruptions on the skin, which of course disappear soon. The classical phenomenon of Exteriorization of Disease should occur in every case and as a rule, it happens with the correct remedy. Such a cure will always take place from more important organs to the less important organs.

So you see we treat patients with mathematical certainty and you then know what to expect next.


What can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy has proved to be effective in the treatment of hundreds of pathologies,
some of the most common are:

  •  Childhood problems such as colic, teething, Behavioral Problems, Tantrums

  • ME, Insomnia, Mild to severe Depression, Night Terrors

  • Depression, Grief, Anger, Anxiety neurosis, specific fears

  • Migraine, Hay Fever Colds, and Flu, Asthma, Bronchitis

  • Infertility, PMT, Dysmenorrheal, Amenorrhea, Menopausal disturbances

  • Post-natal conditions

  • Fibroids, Endometriosis, Pelvic Inflammatory diseases

  • Pregnancy

  • Digestive problems

  • Arthritis, Strains and Sprains etc.

  • Thyroid disorders, Kidney/Liver dysfunctions

  • Gastritis/peptic ulcer, Irritable bowel syndrome

  • HIV-related illnesses

Homeopathy can treat many conditions that are not a ‘disease category’.

Many people have chronic fatigue from stress and tensions or apparently vague disorders, which cannot be diagnosed with conventional medicine. Every day pressures of working life, parenthood, mid-life crises, difficulties in a relationship, retirement and other issues can affect the health of men and women in various ways, which can also be effectively treated with homeopathy.

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